In this section you read , masnoon duwa, kalmay,darse quaran, aap kay masail, qurbani, ramdan, Haaj and more in Urdu & English

Six Kalimaat of Islam 

Read here beautifully written six kalimaat of Islam.

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Ramzan Fazail O Masail  

Read About Ramzan Fazail O Masail

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Zakat Fazail O Masail

Read About Zakat Fazail O Masail

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Fazail E Wadu 

Read Here About Fazail E Wadu



Read here ahaadees (Saying of Holy Prophet PBUH)

An Amazing Miracle Of Quran 

See here an amazing miracle of Quran

Foods of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) 

Foods of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.)

Quranic Information

Read here some information about Quran

Ramazan : Fazail-o-Masail (Complete Topic)

Read about Ramazan Fazail-o-Masail

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Eid : Fazail-o-Masail (Complete Topic)

Read about Eid Fazail-o-Masail 

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Miracle Of Quran

See the miracle of Quran

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 Pocket Quran For Mobiles

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Hadith For Mobiles

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Interesting Calculations Of Quran

Here are Some Unbelievable Calculations of Holy Quran

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