Your Intelligence Test in Urdu

An intelligence quotient or IQ test is a test to measure intelligence. A little intelligent test in Urdu is taken for you. There are 40 IQ test questions and answers are related to general knowledge, paheli, science, mathematics that helps in preparing in your entrance test. Do not look at the answers found at the bottom of the page that would be cheating. First answers all the questions verbally, and then check your answers given below Good Luck.
Check out some sample questions given below

Test IQ-01 Test IQ-21
Test IQ-02 Test IQ-22
Test IQ-03 Test IQ-23
Test IQ-04 Test IQ-24
Test IQ-05 Test IQ-25
Test IQ-06 Test IQ-26
Test IQ-07 Test IQ-27
Test IQ-08 Test IQ-28
Test IQ-09 Test IQ-29
Test IQ-10 Test IQ-30
Test IQ-11 Test IQ-31
Test IQ-12 Test IQ-32
Test IQ-13 Test IQ-33
Test IQ-14 Test IQ-34
Test IQ-15 Test IQ-35
Test IQ-16 Test IQ-36
Test IQ-17 Test IQ-37
Test IQ-18 Test IQ-38
Test IQ-19 Test IQ-39
Test IQ-20 Test IQ-40

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