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• Hoping that the love you shared years ago
is still as strong today as it was then
bringing you much joy, love and happiness
to celebrate again
Happy Anniversary.
 • How true my feelings were I found out to be
the best thing in my life was when you married me
Thank you my loving wife (loving Husband)
For the years we share I know one thing for sure
We make a wonderful pair.
 •  Nothing in this world could ever be
as wonderful as the love you’ve given me
Your love makes my days so very bright,
just knowing you’re my darling wife (husband)
Happy Anniversary
 • That special day is here again
The day we took our vows
You’re just as special to me today
as you still get me aroused.
Happy Anniversary
 • If I met you on tomorrow
I would still give you my heart
If you would say, “Do you still love me?”
I’d say, “Till death do us part”.

Happy Anniversary
 • On this special day, best wishes go to you that
this wonderful love u share lasts your lifetime through.
Happy anniversary to you my Love.
 • Your love makes my days happy and bright,
Into my world you brought pure delight,
Joy beyond reason you’ve given me,
Our love is true this I can see.
Happy Anniversary


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